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SportsExpo - Exciting Group and Individual activities

The only season we care about is the sporting season. So let’s kick off this exciting new season of competitive sports with events by GIGGLEMUG EVENTS held in Hyderabad. Come join us at the Sport Expo Hyderabad on 28 , 29 & 30 Aug 2022.

Sports have been an important discipline for humans to prosper in life and our society shouldn’t shy away as well. GIGGLEMUG EVENTS at Sport Expo Hyderabad has come up with many exciting sports activities this year like Indoor Chase , Hunger Games ,Archery & Shooting , Fitness Challenges , Tennis Championship. Participants will be from colleges & schools , corporates & communities , sports academies , athletes. The exciting part is everyone who walks into the expo would get a chance to try their aim at Archery & Shooting. From one sport enthusiast to another, we would like to have your generous support by coming and participating in the events organised by GIGGLEMUG EVENTS.

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P.Venkat Vasanth Reddy 
Phone- 9581017416
P.Sandeep Kumar 
Phone- 9121211161

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Chase tag competition.

Team Size – 4 Per Team

Participants- Colleges ,Schools & Corporates

Tennis Championships

Open Championships – 2 Courts

Participants- Academies, Corporates & Communities

Fitness Challenges

Gym visitors
Every one who comes to the expo

Archery tag competition.

Team Size- 6 Per Team

Participants –  Corporates & Communities


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