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SportExpo India is a leading platform for brands and exhibitors from all segments of sports, fitness and wellness industry to showcase their products and services to their target audience, connect with current dealers, establish new dealer relationships, meet with members of the media and build lasting relationships with consumers.

India is undergoing a revolution of sports and growing firmly to become a sporting superpower.

With the staggering rise of budget fitness chains across the country, fitness is now more accessible to a wider audience. Sports goods, fitness equipment, gadgets, apparel, shoes, nutrition supplements and wellness products are becoming more and more popular among the consumers.

SportExpo India 2019 is a holistic approach to emphasize sports and fitness as a profitable industry as well as an avenue for health and wellness.


Showcase of wide-ranging sports, fitness and wellness products including accessories, equipmet, apparel, nutrition supplements and gadgets

Fitness Workshops

Interactive sessions by leading fitness experts addressing specific health and fitness needs

Nutrition Seminars

Knowledge-sharing sessions by leading nutrition experts about incorporating diet, developing an action plan and preventing ailments

Sports Arena

Showcase of various sports activities and games

Product Launch Area

Introduction of new products and services aimed at Indian and overseas markets

Body Building Championship

Body Building Athletes will compete for Mr. Hyderabad Body Building Championship and Junior Body Building Championship titles

75,000 Expected Visitors

Sports Associations, Sports Entrepreneurs and Retailers, Distributors and Dealers of Sports, Fitness and Wellness Products and Sports and Fitness Enthusiasts will actively participate in the event


Sport Expo India showcases wide-ranging products and services of Indian and International sports, fitness and wellness brands. The three-day expo brings together sports equipment and accessories manufacturers, sports technology and innovation providers, sports retailers and distributors, sports marketing professionals, sports media experts, sports federations and associations, fitness trainers, gyms, health clubs, wellness products & services, sports enthusiasts and potential customers all under one roof.

Blending B2B and B2C formats, the expo is a holistic approach to emphasize sports and fitness as a profitable industry as well as an avenue for health and wellness.

Growth of India’s Sports, Fitness and Wellness Industry

  • Government has set aside a US$ 262 Million (INR 1,756 crore) budget for its ‘Khelo India’ (Play India) program
  • Growing income, quality of life, globalization exposure and health awarenessare boosting the demand for the sports and fitness equipment
  • Age group of 15-29 years – quarter of the total population of India is the target consumer- base for sports and fitness products
  • Number of sports and fitness accessories users is projected to grow from 73.2 million in 2017 to 140.2 million in 2023
  • Sports and fitness goods market to reach US$ 5,565 million (INR 40,369 crore) by 2023 at a CAGR of 9.0% during 2019-2023
  • Indian sporting goods are well known around the world and are exported to more than 100 countries
  • Upsurge in domestic sports leagues in last few years is creating new consumer-base
  • Emphasis on more sports and physical activities in schools and colleges
  • More and more corporations are investing in the sports ecosystem through CSR

Sports Goods Industry in India

Sports goods industry in India is a century-old and has witnessed phenomenal growth over the last decade. Government and corporate sector are aiming at optimal utilization of resources for maximum returns.

Growing awareness about sports and fitness combined with the popularity of emerging sports leagues in India is creating demand for more sports goods.

Popular product categories include sports apparel, footwear and equipment. While all major International brands are competing to strengthen their market share in India, domestic brands have the advantage of cost-effective local production.

Export Market

India’s share of the global sports goods export market is expected to grow with the country establishing its credibility in the international market. Sports goods manufactured in India are exported to more than 100 countries worldwide. Total exports amount to nearly 60% of India’s output. Inflatable balls, sports accessories, cricket gear, hockey gear and sportswear are among the top exported categories.

UK, USA, UAE, Australia, South Africa, Germany, France and Netherlands are among the major export destinations.

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