Navyoga Academy: Where Tradition Meets Modernity for Holistic Wellness

In the bustling city of Hyderabad, Navyoga Academy stands tall as the most sought after and well-organized centre for yoga enthusiasts. Founded by the esteemed Shri Naveen Ji, Navyoga has become a beacon of excellence, driving individuals forward on their path to holistic well-being. What sets Navyoga apart is its commitment to incorporating traditional teaching methods while embracing modern techniques and prop-based support to enhance the yoga experience for practitioners.

27th Aug Agenda:

Event: Yoga Namami 2.0 - Embracing Renewal, Unity, and Bliss

Duration: 60 minutes

1. Introduction and Welcome (5 minutes)

  • Welcome the participants to Yoga Namami 2.0 at the Hitex Stage.
  • Introduce the event's theme: "Embracing Renewal, Unity, and Bliss through Yoga."
  • Set the intention for the practice, emphasizing the importance of renewal and connection.

2. Guided Breathwork and Centering (7 minutes)

  • Invite participants to find a comfortable seated position on their mats.
  • Lead a guided breathwork exercise, such as deep belly breathing, to calm the mind and center the participants.
  • Encourage attendees to release any tension and be fully present in the moment.

3. Gentle Warm-Up and Joint Mobilization (10 minutes)

  • Lead the group through a series of gentle warm-up exercises to prepare the body for the practice.
  • Incorporate joint mobilization movements to promote flexibility and prevent injury.

4. Flowing Vinyasa Sequence (20 minutes)

  • Guide participants through a flowing Vinyasa sequence, linking breath with movement.
  • Include dynamic movements, Sun Salutations, and standing poses to energize the body and build strength and flexibility.

5. Heart-Opening and Balance Poses (10 minutes)

  • Introduce heart-opening poses, such as Camel Pose and Bridge Pose, to cultivate a sense of openness and compassion.
  • Incorporate balancing poses, like Tree Pose and Warrior III, to promote focus and stability.

6. Guided Relaxation (Savasana) (5 minutes)

  • Transition into Savasana, the final relaxation pose, to allow participants to rest and integrate the benefits of the practice.
  • Provide soothing cues to help participants let go of physical and mental tension.

7. Closing Circle and Gratitude (3 minutes)

  • Gather the participants in a seated circle.
  • Express gratitude to everyone for coming together to practice yoga and share positive energy.
  • Invite participants to take a moment to reflect on their experience and set intentions for continued renewal and unity.

8. Closing OM Chant (3 minutes)

  • Invite the group to chant OM three times together, creating a sense of harmony and oneness.

9. Announcements and Thank You (2 minutes)

  • Share any relevant announcements or upcoming events related to yoga and well-being.
  • Thank the participants, volunteers, and sponsors for their support in making Yoga Namami 2.0 a success.